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Jacques Labouchere has always lived life to the max. Not in any clichéd “rock’n’roll hero” kinda way, but enough to get him expelled from any houses on the hill you might conjure up. His songs and music spring from experience and hardships but are still done sunny side up. OK, there’s soot in them yolks, but the songs always come served with a dash of hope.

Musically Jacques Labouchere ain’t that easy to pigeon hole. You’ve got your flourishes of folk, psych, country, pop and whatnot, but this man is not just aping any other dude with a geetar and a hat. Labouchere’s influences span everything from yer Syd Barretts and Lou Reeds and The Byrds to the Green River and Evan Dando of his teen years, leading all the way to the finely-tuned taste buds of today.


It’s been a long haul since Jacques’ childhood days in the Appalachians of Connecticut and his youth spent in another small town in Southern Virginia. That small town ambience still lives on in Labouchere’s music and lyrics, even though he’s most certainly been around. Gothenburg is a weird mixture of two worlds. It’s Sweden’s second biggest city yet small enough to make you claustrophobic at times. Yet, ask anyone Swede who’s tried moving away from this unpolished pearl of the West Coast and you’ll find that they always return at some point. A leopard, or in this case, Labouchere never changes its spots.

Speaking of spots, our man started playing bass in his first band when he was 12 and has been churning those tunes out ever since. It’s in his blood, an addiction, an outlet for everything that builds up. All through the many years spent globetrotting, busking and squatting in London, playing in bands in Boston and D.C., and that one mysterious month in L.A before he checked out and headed for Europe, those songs, they always continue to resonate inside his being.

This Jacques of All Trades has indeed done them road miles. And not only that, he has booked hundreds of shows by himself. His latest 20+ date tour took him to Norway, the UK (including a festival appearance), Holland, Germany and Sweden. Germany has taken to him and since January 2016 Labouchere has toured the country four times.

Besides his own music he has acted as booker, promoter, tour manager, roadie, merch man and security at one of the best rated music venues in North America; the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Jacques Labouchere, the artist, has also held two residencies in New York City at Pianos and The Knitting Factory and played over 20 shows in under a month in Manhattan and Brooklyn alone. He even resided for a hot minute at the infamous Chelsea Hotel in June/July 2008.

Still he counts the years in London among his favourite formative experiences. There is a romantic ring to his talk about busking on the streets of Soho and on the banks of the river Thames. The warmth in his voice when he mentions hanging out on Portobello Road after school, or the wild long weekends in Camden Town in the 90’s, seated next to musical faves such as Jarvis Cocker of Pulp or Bernard Butler of Suede.

Growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, an area he holds very close to his heart, was and is an inspiration for him. You can hear that pounding ‘neath the textures of his tunes. The memories of winter time blizzards, the scenic hikes encountering black bears and even cougars in the trees above roar in them. A magical wilderness where one can even stumble upon a six feet long water moccasin stretched out across a dirt road in the sizzling summer sun. These are just some of the sensory impressions that have helped mold the artistic expression of this singer and songwriter.

This peacefully rewarding milieu is also situated no more than a half an hour hitchhike from the Guthrie Center, where Arlo Guthrie’s famous song and the film “Alice’s Restaurant” was written and filmed. Little did Jacques know that he would one day share the stage with the very same Arlo Guthrie at a sold out venue in his new Swedish home town.

And just like Arlo’s father Woody Guthrie this Labouchere fella’s got the machinery needed to take out any haters out there.

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Past Shows


19th November – Monkey – Battipaglia, Italy

18th November – Arci Urlo – Bari, Italy

17th November – Unida – Biccari, Italy

16th November – Cibo Per La Mente /Caffè Letterario, Taranto, Italy

15th November – Riot Laundry Bar – Naples, Italy

14th November – Salerno, Italy

13th November – Hub – Cosenza, Italy

12th November – Blackmarket – Rome, Italy

11th November – La Salumeria del Roc – Reggio Emilia, Italy

9th November – Lighthouse Pub – Venice, Italy

8th November – Club Cronopios – Barcelona, Spain

7th November – Era Uma Vez Em Paris – Porto, Portugal

6th November – Fun House  – Madrid, Spain

5th November (2nd show) – Residence Club – Bilbao, Spain

5th November – La Triangu – Sopelana, Spain

4th November – Babylon Club – León, Spain

2nd November – Bar Limbo – Cordoba, Spain

1st November –L’Oncle Jack – Barcelona, Spain

28th October – Studio HPKSM – Göteborg, SE

21st September – Maria’s Ballroom – Hamburg (Harburg), DE

21st September (2nd Show) – Hafenbahnhof – Hamburg, DE

10th August- Kafé Marmelad – Göteborg, SE

29th July – Sommarfest 2017- Ekshärad, SE
14th July – St. Johanneskyrkan – Göteborg, SE
1st July – Studio HPKSM – Göteborg, SE
4th May – Bengans – Göteborg, SE
19th Jan. – Druckerei im Gängeviertel – Hamburg, DE
20th Jan. – Café Käthe – Rostock, DE
21st Jan. – Mastul – Berlin, DE



8th Jan. – Flöz-K – Werne, DE
9th Jan. – Rockkneipe ‘Jungfer’ – Arnstadt, DE
10th Jan. – Dr. Seltsam – Leipzig, DE
11th Jan. – Glashaus Bayreuth – Bayreuth, DE
21st Jan. – Frank – Malmö, SE
22nd Jan. – Karton – Bremen, DE
23rd Jan. – Jugendzentrum KARO – Wesel, DE
24th Jan. – Black Box Cuba – Münster, DE
06 Feb. – MusicMakes – Göteborg, SE
16 May – Medusa – Kiel, DE
17 May – Hafenbahnhof – Hamburg, DE
18 May – Karton – Bremen, DE
19 May – Die Große Welt – Hannover, DE
20 May – Kulturcafe Lichtung – Köln, DE
21 May – Noch Besser Leben – Leipzig, DE

13th August – Drag i Blinkenberg – Hagfors, SE
17th Sept. – Karton – Bremen, DE
18th Sept. – Druckerei im Gängeviertel – Hamburg, DE
28th Sept. – Holy Moly – Göteborg, SE
​30th Sept. – Hafenbahnhof (5th Friday Festival) – Hamburg, DE
8th Oct. – Antikvariatet – Trondheim, NO
9th Oct. – Ila Brainnstasjon – Trondheim. NO
10th Oct. – The Fiddler’s Elbow – London, UK
11th Oct. – The Good Ship – London, UK
12th Oct. – Sundown Sessions at The Fulford Arms – York, UK
14th Oct. – Pin Drop – Hartlepool, UK
15th Oct. – ACP Festival- Gullivers – Manchester, UK
25th Oct. – De Peper – Amsterdam, NL
26th Oct. – DRK Kauf Bar – Braunschweig, DE
27th Oct. – Maria’s Ballroom – Hamburg, DE
28th Oct. – Subway To Peter – Chemnitz, DE
29th Oct. – King Georg – Köln, DE
1st Nov. – Café Livres – Essen, DE
2nd Nov. – Noch Besser Leben – Leipzig, DE
3rd Nov. – Wein & Gut – Berlin, DE
4th Nov. – Bengans – Göteborg, SE


21st Feb. – Beerbliotek – Göteborg, SE
28th April – MusicMakes w/ Withred Hand (UK) – Göteborg, SE
30th April – Beerbliotek w/ Withred Hand (UK) – Göteborg, SE
9th  May 2015 – TivedstorpSköna Maj – Tividen, SE
14th Aug. – MusicMakes – Göteborg, Sweden
17th Aug. – Klubb Vilma, Västerhus – Göteborg, Sweden
18th Oct. – Hammok – Göteborg, SE
3rd Dec. – Grand Öl och Mat – Malmö, SE
4th Dec. – Kafe Deluxe – Växjö, SE


30th May – Andralångdagen – Göteborg, SE
8th June –  Kvibergsmarknad – Göteborg, SE
22nd Aug. – Enoteca Maglia – Göteborg, Sweden
30th Aug. –  Mansion On The Hill Festival – Fagerhult, SE
3rd Sept. – Woody West (Pustervik) – Göteborg,SE
13th Sept. – Fotografiska – Stockholm – SE
14th Sept. – Nada – Stockholm, SE
26th-27th Sept. – Electric Moon Fest -Tivedstorp, SE
11th Oct. – Okimono & Generator Presents – Göteborg, SE


18th Jan. –Woody West, Support to Arlo Guthrie, (at Nefertiti) – Göteborg, SE
29th Jan. – Pianos Residency, Pianos – NYC, USA
1st Feb. – Zebulon – Brooklyn, NY, USA
3rd Feb. – Pianos Residency -Pianos, NYC, USA
6th Feb. – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, USA
8th Feb. – Pete’s Candy Store – Brooklyn, NY, USA
10th Feb. – Pianos Residency – Pianos, NYC, USA
13th Feb. – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY, USA
14th Feb. – Trash Bar – Brooklyn, NY, USA
15th Feb. – The National Underground – NYC, USA
17th Feb. – Pianos Residency, Pianos – NYC, USA
19th Feb. – The Sidewalk Café – NYC, USA
20th Feb. – Goodbye Blue Monday – Brooklyn, NY, USA
22nd Feb. – The National Underground – NYC, USA
23rd Feb. – Shrine – NYC, USA
27th Feb. – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY, USA
29th Feb. – The National Underground – NYC, USA
5th April – C60 Festival – Uddevalla, SE
26th April – Fotografiska – Stockholm, SE
29th April – Pet Sounds – Stockholm, SE
9th June – Sticky Fingers – Göteborg, SE
8th Sept. – Teater Trixter – Göteborg, SE
28th Sept. – Auto Kaffe – Göteborg, SE


11th Jan. – Kafé Zeppelin – Göteborg, SE
2nd Feb. – Göteborg Int. Film Festival – Göteborg, SE
5th Feb. – Henriksberg – Göteborg, SE
18th Feb. – Dirty Records – Göteborg, SE
1st April – Lyckholms Bryggerier – Göteborg, SE
22nd May – Karate Jean Print – Göteborg, SE
28th May – Storan – Göteborg, SE
4th June – Andralångdagen – Göteborg, SE
5th June – Bränno Marknad – Brännö, SE
10th June – The Golden Lion – Ripon, UK
11th June – The Source – Carlisle, UK
13th June – The Bull and Gate – London, UK
14th June – The Windmill – London, UK
15th June – Bar Bloc – Glasgow, UK
16th June – The Junk Rooms – Sterling, UK
17th June – The Forest – Edinburgh,UK
18th June – Zanzibar – Liverpool, UK

21st June 2011- Fête De La Musique – Berlin, Germany
1st July – Peace & Love Festival – Borlange, SE
13th July – Sinnet – Göteborg, SE
9th Aug. – Henriksberg – Göteborg, SE
21st Sept. – Nians Ölhall – Göteborg, SE
16th Oct. – Royal Sundays – Göteborg, SE
5th Nov. – Mitt Andra Hem – Göteborg, SE


8th April – Late Night Club at Henriksberg – Göteborg, SE
5th June – Woody West at Jazzhuset – Göteborg, SE
17th June – The Windmill – London, UK
18th June – Queen of Hoxton – London, UK
19th June – The Bull & Gate – London, UK
20th June – The Dublin Castle – London, UK
10th Dec. – Sinnet – Göteborg, SE
29th Dec. – Jazzhuset – Göteborg, SE


23rd Apr – Best Wishes at Henriksberg – Göteborg, SE
13th Nov – Club Swinger at Storan – Göteborg, SE
14th Nov – Club Radio London at Kontiki – Göteborg, SE

28th Feb – Pustervik – Göteborg, SE
2nd Mar – Roda Sten – Göteborg, SE
24th Apr – Kontiki – Göteborg, SE
2nd May – The Forest – Göteborg, SE
24th May – Kulturfestival, Kåken – Göteborg, SE
19th Jun – Larry’s Corner – Stockholm, SE
4th Jul – Pianos – NYC, USA
5th Jul – The Sidewalk Cafe – NYC, USA
11th Jul – The Middle East Club – Boston, USA
26th Jul – Tipifesten – Jonstorp, SE
26th Aug – Kontiki – Göteborg, SE
25th Sept. – Svanen at Jazzhuset – Göteborg, SE
15th Oct – The Windmill – London, UK
16th Oct – The Dry Bar – London, UK
17th Oct – Hope & Anchor – London, UK
18th Oct – 12 Bar Club – London, UK
1st Nov – Uddevalla Kassetten – Uddevalla, SE
8th Nov – Club Radio London at Kontiki – Göteborg, SE
9th Nov – Studenterhus – Odense, DK
20th Nov – Pustervik – Göteborg, SE
2nd Dec – Kontiki – Göteborg, SE

3rd Feb – Jorlandafestivalen – Jorlanda, SE
24th Mar – Sticky Fingers (Top floor) – Göteborg, SE
26th Oct – Röda Sten – Göteborg, SE
17th Nov – Woody West at Pustervik – Göteborg, SE
24th Nov – Underjorden – Göteborg, SE


4th May – Nice Attack – Göteborg, SE
20th May – The Market – Göteborg, SE
20th May – Cafe Gogol – Göteborg, SE
31st May – Respekt – Göteborg, SE
15th June – Café Publik – Göteborg, SE
21st Jun – Woody West Fest at Röda Sten – Göteborg,SE
15th Jul – Woody West at Pustervik – Göteborg, SE
3rd Aug – Beer & Bar Restaurant and Lounge – Varberg, SE
18th Aug – Frock Festivalen – Göteborg, SE
8th Sep – Kellys – Göteborg, SE
23rd Sep – Sticky Fingers – Göteborg, SE
10th Oct – Kellys – Göteborg, SE
8th Dec – Cafe Kungsgatan – Lysekil, SE
10th Dec – The Market – Göteborg, SE